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WP Bakery Group

Smart Competence Center

The new ‘Competence Center’ of WP-Haton:
A modern, transparent workplace with an industrial touch, originated from an old factory hall. From the Smart Open Center, sales, service work together to serve industrial bakeries from all over the world.


WP Haton has a great knowledge of dough and bread and they want to show that to the outside world. But in order to grow further and show off their expertise more, the building and interior had to be thoroughly tackled first. An old building with little daylight and a moderate climate in which everyone sat far apart on their own island, had to be transformed into an atmospheric, bright place where colleagues literally and figuratively come close(r) to each other.

“The building has been transformed from closed and old-fashioned to dynamic and open, and the people have really changed in their way of working. There is much more interaction and the lines of communication are shorter.”

In the middle of the factory hall there is a ‘meeting tower’ of three floors with meeting rooms and a sky bar from which you look out over the Town of Panningen. The perfect location to celebrate new assignments.

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