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TESLA DC Tilburg

Project Developer Dok Vast offers high-class and high-tech housing and distribution centres to national and international companies. In this case its client, TESLA MOTORS, was in need of an office and building environment that matched their own company structure and strategy.

As a company, TESLA stands for energy and environmental efficient solutions. This part of its company DNA was required to be integrated in the work environment. In order to realise that environment, DARWIN® created a system independent building app to control and manage the entire building environment. 

DARWIN® smart building app for Tesla

Presented on touch panels and mobile devices, the app provides insight into all building related installations. Consumption of electricity, gas, water and energy provided by durable systems such as PV panels and grey water systems are integrated into the app. In addition, it enables the user to automatically ticket, manage and follow up certain outages and system failures. Finally the app includes direct access to all building related contracts, service level agreements, revision drawings and licenses. 

With this solution DARWIN® has provided the ultimate facility to enable project developer Dokvast to offer future proof solutions to its tenants. The building ‘New Logic II’, rented by tenant TESLA MOTORS was the first in line to have the app solution integrated. 

The project received a BREEAM score of 5 stars, which is equivalent to “Outstanding”. 

The entire building is equipped with 100% automatic dimming LED lighting, a gas heat pump for the offices, motion sensors and daylight control. This all is managed by the DARWIN® app, which controls all independent systems in one central interface, presented on touch panels and mobile devices. All independent systems are connected to each other using the DARWIN® interface. 

All together the use of sustainable materials and the DARWIN® smart building platform resulted in an energy neutral building with a total BREEAM score of 91.22% and reduces the energy consumption by approximately 60%. Therefore, car producer TESLA MOTORS will seamlessly fit in this environment. 

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