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Usage – and user – Driven Power Station

Type: European development project
Supported by: VLAIO, FLUX50, Horizon 2020
Budget: € 3,152,002
Grant: € 1,339,178

The business premises of construction company Cordeel in De Zaat Temse is an integrated ecosystem built on three pillars.
1. Energy in buildings: the need of the users and profiles’Usage Driven Power Station’
2. Innovative energy production:’Hydro Energy Power Station’
3. Electro-mobility: ‘Optibids’

The first pillar is the development project ‘Usage Driven Power Station’ where the needs of the users from different buildings and the profiles of energy production are identified and coordinated. By ‘deep learning’, data of building occupancy, production processes, the need for energy and sustainable generation systems are logged and processed. Energy consumption is predicted, visualized and optimally tuned.


Starting with the “user driven” part (office building) DARWIN® has created one integral smart office environment. Whilst offering ease of use by controlling all systems through one smart app, at the background data is analyzed for sustainability performance and energetic predictions. In the end, the LES (Local Energy System) will provide and/or demand energy based on usage forecasts by buildings, office and manufacturing processes, car charging, etc. This means the site will be able to perform an important function, i.e. balancing the power grid.

  • Customer: Cordeel Group
  • Location: Temse, Belgium
  • Project duration: 2019-2022
  • Funding: FLUX50, Horizon 2020

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