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Cordeel Temse BE

User- And Usage-Driven Building Environments

The inventive new Cordeel HQ building was placed above the dry dock of the former Temse shipyard, is 100 meters long and 26 meters wide. The office building has a place at 14 meters above the ground floor and 20 meters above the water level and is part of a full production site.

In order to meet up with the energy and innovation strategy goals of Cordeel Group, DARWIN® was selected to bind several main domains (energy, mobility, offices) into one smart platform. With in the end one goal: to create an independent nearly off-grid LEC site resulting in a sustainable co-existence between bricks, bites and behaviour.

Cordeel Temse - DARWIN Smart Building HUB™     Cordeel Temse - DARWIN Smart Building HUB™     Cordeel Temse - DARWIN Smart Building HUB™      

Starting with the “user driven” part (office building) DARWIN® has created one integral smart office environment. Whilst offering ease of use by controlling all systems through one smart app, at the background data is analyzed for sustainability performance and energetic predictions. In the end, the LES (Local Energy System) will provide and/or demand energy based on usage forecasts by buildings, office and manufacturing processes, car charging, etc. This means the site will be able to perform an important function, i.e. balancing the power grid.

  • Customer: Cordeel Group
  • Location: Temse, Belgium
  • In use since: 2020
  • Funding: FLUX50, Horizon 2020

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